BlessUnleashed PC Game Guide
Bless Unleashed PC Probability Table
Bless Unleashed PC strives to promote a healthy gaming lifestyle.Bless Unleashed PC adheres to the guidelines of Probability Item Self-Regulation and displays the odds of obtaining certain items in specific contents.Bless Breath FusionBless Breath fusion has a 100% fusion success rate.Bless Breath UpgradeReq. AmountSuccess RateCommon > Uncommon5100.00%Uncommon > Rare5100.00%Rare > Epic5100.00%Epic > Legendary5100.00%Costume Fusion (Costume Ingredient)Costume UpgradeReq. AmountSuccess Rate% of ad
How can I link my Steam account to the official platform?
You can link your Steam account to the official platform anytime via the account linking page found in game.If you create an account in the official platform or link your Steam account to the official platform,you will be able to play Bless Unleashed PC in Korea and Japan aside from North America, Europe and Asia.  ■   How to link Steam account to the official platform1. Run the game client.2. Click the official platform linkage banner on the right side in the server list.3. Follow the steps and
Community channels for Bless Unleashed PC
We opened social media channels such as Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to provide information to users quickly in various ways for the upcoming  Bless Unleashed PC launch. We value everyone’s opinions and strive to maintain  active communication with users to provide the best service possible.■ DiscordDiscord is an SNS channel generally used for chatting where you can receive the latest news and announcements about Bless Unleashed PC. You can also inquire and ask questions quickly.We cu
Can I still use the official platform although I'm a Steam user?
2 platforms, Steam and the official platform are available for Bless Unleashed PC.If you are using the Steam platform, you can link your Steam account to the official platform through the official platform linkage system found in game.After linking to the official platform, you can still use your characters from the Steam platform if you connect to the same server as the Steam platform. Exceptionally, since KR and JP servers are not supported in the Steam platform, you need to make a new charact
How can I use 1:1 INQUIRY?
If you have any issues regarding BlessUnleashed PC, kindly check the FAQ or use 1:1 INQUIRY located on the SUPPORT page.[Instructions]1. Official website of BlessUnleashed PC > Support > 1:1 INQUIRY2. Select the type of inquiry.Selecting categories can make our process accurate and faster.- Categories: Technical / In-Game Play issue / Bug / Suggestions / Account / Abuse3. Enter the required information for the inquiry and click "Send".- The requested information may be different based on the inq