BlessUnleashed PC Game Guide
CBT Testers Guide
Congratulations to all the selected participants for the upcoming global CBT and we truly appreciate your attention and interest.Kindly check the detailed guide below for more information on the CBT.  1. CBT ScheduleCheck the global CBT schedule January 5, 20211st round of CBT Pre-registration result email (For selected participants who registered between 12/3/2020 ~ 12/31, 2020) January 11, 2021Official Homepage Pre-Download Begins 2nd round of CBT Pre-registration result email (For selected pa
How to link my Steam account to BlessUnleashedPC.com
You can link your Steam account to BlessUnleashedPC.com via the account linking page found in game.If you create an account in  BlessUnleashedPC.com or link your Steam account to BlessUnleashedPC.com,you will be able to play Bless Unleashed PC in Korea and Japan aside from North America, Europe and Asia. BlessUnleashedPC.com is a platform developed by NEOWIZ . ■   How to link Steam account to  BlessUnleashedPC.com1. Click the banner on the right side found in game.2. You will be directed to the
Community channels for Bless Unleashed PC
We opened social media channels such as Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to provide information to users quickly in various ways for the upcoming  Bless Unleashed PC launch. We value everyone’s opinions and strive to maintain  active communication with users to provide the best service possible.■ DiscordDiscord is an SNS channel generally used for chatting where you can receive the latest news and announcements about Bless Unleashed PC. You can also inquire and ask questions quickly.We cu
What are the exact testing date and times for this CBT?
This CBT period is from 01/15/2021 00:00 (UTC) to 01/18/2021 23:59 (UTC).Exact date and time per region can be seen below,[by Time Zone]- UTC 01/15(Fri) 00:00 ~ 01/18(Mon) 23:59- PST 01/14(Thu) 16:00 ~ 01/18(Mon) 15:59- CET 01/15(Fri) 01:00 ~ 01/19(Tue) 00:59- KST 01/15(Fri) 09:00 ~ 01/19(Tue) 08:59- JST 01/15(Fri) 09:00 ~ 01/19(Tue) 08:59- CST 01/15(Fri) 08:00 ~ 01/19(Tue) 07:59Stay up to date and receive the latest news from Bless Unleashed PC.Follow us on our official channels below. Updat
I would like to know how to install the game on the Steam Platform.
To install Bless Unleashed PC, kindly login to your Steam account first.■ How to search Bless Unleashedhttps://blessunleashedpc.com/1. Click here to directly go to Bless Unleashed PC.2. Search in Steam- Steam Log in -> Store -> Search “Bless Unleashed”■ How to install1. Game downloading will start when you click "Play" button.2. After downloading is done, you can find Bless Unleashed PC in "Steam Library".- Steam Log in -> Store -> Search "Bless Unleashed PC"Issue Not Solved?SEND A TICKETStay up