How to link Steam account to BlessUnleashedPC.com
You can link your Steam account to BlessUnleashedPC.com via Linking page that you can see inside the game. If you create an account in  BlessUnleashedPC.com or link Steam account to BlessUnleashedPC.com, you will be able to play Bless Unleashed PC in Korea and Japan aside from North America, Europe and Asia.  BlessUnleashedPC.com is a platform developed by NEOWIZ .  ■   How to link Steam account to  BlessUnleashedPC.com 1. Cli
Community channels for Bless Unleashed PC
We opened Discord, Twitter, YouTube channels to give information to users quickly in various ways for Bless Unleashed PC launching. We value the opinions by active communication with users to provide the best service. We also share the information regarding the Stress Test that will be open soon. ■ Discord Discord is a chatting type and you can receive the latest news and announcement about Bless Unleashed PC. You can also inquire and
I want to receive the news of Bless Unleashed PC.
We have community channels like Discord, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to give you the chance to communicate with Bless Unleashed players and received the fastest updates such as news and videos.  Follow us now to receive the latest news of Bless Unleashed PC. If you want to receive the latest news and updates of  Bless Unleashed PC,       1) Add Bless Unleashed to WISHLIST in Steam.      Log in your account in Steam and click "STORE" in menu.
I would like to know the basic troubleshooting in Steam platform.
If you encounter any kind of issues in launching, patching or downloading Bless Unleashed PC, kindly do the following Remove and Re-installation steps to solve it. We highly suggest to follow and perform the basic troubleshooting steps first as followings.  ■ Basic Troubleshooting Steps: 1. Restart Computer 2. Clear Download Cache    Steam >>> Settings >>> Downloads >>> Clear Download Cache 3. Repair Library Folder    Steam >>> Settings >
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Read answers from the devs! These are popular questions and issues from the community about Bless Unleashed PC! Note! Dev News will be announced on official Discord every 2 weeks.  * Official   Discord Link: https://discord.gg/round8studio     Note! Devs will answer, regularly, if you ask about Bless Unleashed PC via 'Q&A > question-to-the-devs on official Discord'. -