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- If the game is available on PC, would it be available through Xbox's "Play Anywhere" system where you could play on PC through Xbox's platform?

Unfortunately, the game will not be available through Xbox's "Play Anywhere" system. Bless Unleashed PC will only be available for play through Steam and

- If this game is coming to PS4 and PC, is it still going to be updated regularly on xbox for fixes and content updates?

Definitely. PS4, PC, and XBOX will all have regular updates.

- Can we get a camera mode to promote the game online?

FOV will be added in the near future and we are still actively looking into the Hide UI option in our development planning.

- What are the plans for Bless Unleashed on other consoles (PS, Switch, Stadia etc.)?

The studio is constantly looking into ways to expand our platform services, but it's our highest priority to address issues or improvements needed in our console platform before expanding to other platforms. And as mentioned, we are also readying for our PC platform services thus expanding to other platforms will be looked into at a later time.

- Because it is free to play, will it be pay to win?

No. Because the game is Free to Play does not automatically qualify as a Pay to Win game. The business model and monetizations are constantly being reviewed and adjusted to avoid such issues all the while providing items that can be purchased or be obtained within the game based on adequate play time to balance the economy between paying and non-paying users. Our game is meant to be enjoyed by players of all backgrounds and we strive to push for fair and balance game play and contents to our community.

- Do we know if Bless Unleashed release on PC will fall under the same sub header on Twitch (Bless Unleashed)?

We do not plan to separate the PC and console platform into a separate category on Twitch. This is to allow viewers easier accessibility and flexibility in viewing console and PC game play streams while maintaining balance viewership between the two platforms.

- Will Bless Unleashed PC have a partner/content creator program like Bless Online had or Bless Unleashed on Xbox have?

Yes, the PC platform will also have it's own partner program. While the program's guidelines and benefits may differ, the core ethics remains the same. Provide high-level of gameplay and contents to viewers to promote the partner themselves and Bless Unleashed as a whole.

- If the PC version of the game is released to the same patch that the Xbox version is, what happens to the two possibly three battle passes that xbox have already had? Will PC get the option to catch up and collect mounts / seeds etc?

The Bless Pass seasons are very much connected to the game contents and updates. The PC version will have the same or similar Bless Pass season as the console version, but we will look into ways to provide opportunity to our PC users to obtain cosmetics and items offered in the previous Bless Passes. Please look forward to the PC version of Bless Pass.

- Will the PC version be up to date with the console version right away?

The PC version will be up to date with the console version, and users won't experience a difference in the game. However, we are preparing for a global service which will be accessible through Steam and Neowiz's own platform. Both the PC and console version of Bless Unleashed are the same. Thus players can play the game on whatever platform they prefer.

- Will the classes be tied to races in the PC version?

Yes, classes will be tied to races in the PC version as well.

- Can players expect to see a PC beta before the end of the year?

Our plans are to conduct two Closed Beta testing in 2020, and a goal of official launch in early 2021. The first CBT will be done in Steam, and the second CBT will be conducted in NEOWIZ's own platform. We are also planning to compensate those who passionately participate in our Closed Beta testing in the near future. It would be our honor to have our PC users to be able to experience Bless Unleashed beforehand and provide awesome feedback directly to us, here in Round8 Studio

- Will there be other language support for the PC version?

PC platform will be supporting English, German, French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. We also plan to expand our language support based on the active users for specific regions. And lastly, certain language supports will be restricted in our Closed Beta testing but will be available in our official service launch.

- Will the PC version share the monetization model as Xbox? (E.g Bless pass, Lumena Shop) and not P2W (Pay to Win)?

As Bless Unleashed is serviced globally, the products and items being offered in our Xbox platform will be the same for the PC platform. However, in distinct cases, based on the region or country, special events or sales may be provided.

- Will the PC version have faster combat compared to console?

It is our objective to maintain the same level of overall combat experience as in our console platform. We are not considering changing the combat experience for each platform but we are looking at ways to increase the pace of combat through options such as items that increase speeds of combat in-game.

- Will there be Fishing content in the near future?

The console version will also have fishing content in one of our upcoming updates as well as in the PC version as well. As Fishing content is added so will there be new higher grade recipes and players would also be able to utilize their catch as ingredients for Alchemy or just simply show off your collection.

- Will the PC version support Colorblind mode?

It is currently being considered. The delay is due to mainly trying to identify the areas of the game that may be affected. And due to the sheer amount of content in the game, it will take some time.

- Will we be able to see class gameplay before the Closed Beta testing?

Of course, before our Close Beta testing, we will give our players the chance to see how the controls and gameplay would be for our PC version. It is our objective to inform our players with as much information as possible. And be sure to check out our official PC homepage at

- Will there be any regions that will not be allowed to play BUPC, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Russia? (lootbox regulations)

Bless Unleashed PC will be a global game that can be played in countries around the world without restrictions. However, there may be countries that are excluded due to the country-specific game regulation laws, and sufficient notice will be given to users before the launch.

- Can we transfer our characters and account to pc if possible?

Currently, characters played on XBOX cannot be transferred to the PC version. Although console and PC have the same game content and updates, transferring console characters to PC is difficult at this time due to the separate servers.

- Will there be UI mode for screenshots on the PC stress test?

UI Mode won't be available for the PC Stress Test. However, we plan to implement this feature through future updates. Thank you!