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Community channels for Bless Unleashed PC

We opened social media channels such as Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to provide information to users quickly in various ways for the upcoming  Bless Unleashed PC launch. We value everyone’s opinions and strive to maintain  active communication with users to provide the best service possible.

■ Discord

Discord is an SNS channel generally used for chatting where you can receive the latest news and announcements about Bless Unleashed PC. You can also inquire and ask questions quickly.

We currently have 3 channels opened.


- Announcements : You can receive the latest announcements for Bless Unleashed PC 

- Community (general chat global) : You can communicate with other users about the game.

- Q&A : You can ask questions to the Developers which will be answered biweekly.


If you want to be an active user for Bless Unleashed PC, click the link below to visit our Discord channel.

Bless Unleashed PC Discord

■ Twitter

We opened a Twitter channel to do our best to announce news about Bless Unleashed PC to not only gamers, but other global users as well.

To stay updated about our game, click the link below and follow Bless Unleashed PC’s Twitter.

Bless Unleashed PC Twitter

■ YouTube

Through Bless Unleashed PC’s official YouTube channel, we share game-play videos along with insightful videos about Bless Unleashed PC such as stories about the game, behind-the-scenes, and various interviews so users can understand different aspects about how our game comes together.

We hope to provide more creative and interesting content to our users.

Subscribe to our channel and stay updated about our videos and streams.

Bless Unleashed PC YouTube

■ Facebook

Last but not least, Facebook! Facebook is a global SNS channel generally used to update posts, pictures, and announcements about Bless Unleashed PC. Users can also share their own thoughts and opinions about the game. 

Click the link below to follow our channel and stay updated about Bless Unleashed PC.

Bless Unleashed PC Facebook

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Issue Not Solved?


Stay up to date and receive the latest news from Bless Unleashed PC.

Follow us on our official channels below.

Updated  on November 3rd, 2020