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Community channels for Bless Unleashed PC

We opened Discord, Twitter, YouTube channels to give information to users quickly in various ways for Bless Unleashed PC launching. We value the opinions by active communication with users to provide the best service.

We also share the information regarding the Stress Test that will be open soon.

■ Discord

Discord is a chatting type and you can receive the latest news and announcement about Bless Unleashed PC. You can also inquire and ask questions quickly.

We opened the 3 channels now.

- Announcements : You can receive the latest announcement for Bless Unleashed PC 

- Community (general chat global) : You can communicate with other users about the game.

- Q&A : You can ask questions to Developer and it will be answered every 2 weeks.

If you want to know about Stress Test, click the link below to visit our Discord channel.

Bless Unleashed PC Discord

■ Twitter

We opened Twitter channel to do our best to announce the news of Bless Unleashed PC to more people not only game players.

If you want to be updated about Stress Test launching, click the link below and follow Bless Unleashed PC Twitter.

Bless Unleashed PC Twitter

■ YouTube

Through the official YouTube channel of Bless Unleashed PC, we share game playing video and also interesting videos about Bless Unleashed PC such as game story, behind story, various interviews to give users more experience above the game.

We hope there will be more video shares between users then users can enjoy even outside the game.

Subscribe our channel and be updated about our videos and streams.

Bless Unleashed PC YouTube


Updated 9/22/2020