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Bless Unleashed PC Support Installation/Implementation
The client fails to launch after clicking “Play” in the game launcher.

The problem might be an error with the installation of the “Easy Anti-cheat” program.

Try the following steps below to fix the issue.

Option 1. Manually rewrite the Addon file to fix the Easy Anti-cheat program 

1) Copy "bless.exe" in [Installation folder of Bless Unleashed PC]\Addon.

2) Paste"bless.exe" into [Installation folder of Bless Unleashed PC folder].

Option 2. Re-install Easy Anti-cheat

1) Run "EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe" in [Installation folder of Bless Unleashed PC]\EasyAntiCheat

2) Click "Repair Service" or "Install Service" to re-install.

Option 3. Re-install Bless Unleashed PC

- If the issue is not resolved using options 1 & 2, this might be from the addons such as Direct X, Visual Basic, etc. Uninstall the game client and delete the installation folder. If you reinstalled the game client, all the related addons will be reinstalled as well.

* The default installation path is as follows. If you have a different path for the installation, you will need to check the path you used.

  - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bless Unleashed

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Updated  on November 3rd, 2020