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"Failed to init Auth" error message.

The error occurs due to the automatic installation failure of the Easy Anti-Cheat program.

The issue can be fixed by manually installing the security program under the [Installation folder of Bless Unleashed PC].

Follow the steps below for the manual installation of the security program.

■ Manual Installation of the security program

[Solution #1]

1) Steam > Library

2) Right-click on Bless Unleashed.

3) Manage > Broser Local Files

4) Run "EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe" in the EasyAntiCheat folder.

5) After installation of EasyAntiCheat_Setup, run the game client.

[Solution #2]

1) Delete the "Bless" folder that is in the directory where Bless Unleashed PC data is stored, then re-run the game client.

- Folder Path: c:/users/[username]/appdata/local/bless

* If you have installed in a different direction, check the directory that was selected for the installation files.

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Updated  on November 3rd, 2020