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Bless Unleashed PC Support Known Issues
Current Known Issues as of October 14th, 2021

Greetings Adventurers,

We want to inform the community regarding the known issues occurred in the world of Bless Unleashed PC as of August 31st, 2021.

Once the issues below are fixed, we will announce through patch notes. The content in FAQ is being updated.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will try to fix the issues as soon as possible.

[Quest Process]

- For the daily delivery quest of “Shield of the Mountain”, “Totem of the Mountain”, “Quiver of the Mountain”, “Halidom of the Mountain” and “Magic Orb of the Mountain”, the crafting materials on the quest description are different from the actual one.


- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) When Crusader’s “Final Strike” skill is used right after using Shout skills while “Gift of Valor” Blessing is activated, the skill is sometimes not used with the maximum charge.


- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) Some description of Berserker’s “Rushing Storm” skill is different from the actual effect.

       * Description: the stack is consumed when Whirlwind is used.

       * Correction: the stack is consumed when Whirlwind hits the enemy.

- (Fixed on Sep. 15th) The Shoulder Strike skill is not activated if one evades while using combo attacks as a Berserker.


- Even the “Encouragement” passive skill of Ranger’s “Lionheart Legacy” Blessings is applied to the target, the timed effect for “Reduced Attack Power” is not displayed.


- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) Some equipment items that enhance Priest’s “Blades of Justice” skill don’t have a description for skill enhancement.

       * Enhancement Effect: “Decreases Attack Power of hit targets -7%.

       * Items: “Faded Halidom of the Forgotten”, “Faded Storm Punisher Halidom”

- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) When Priest receives “Shield of Faith” from another player while “Mark of the Wolf” Blessing is activated, “Protection and Sacrifice” effect is applied to the Priest. “Protection and Sacrifice” is an effect where cooldown is removed while consuming some of HP.


- When players repeatedly use a skill whose effect lasts by holding a button, the effect continues even after releasing the button.


- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) After defeating the first boss “Malignis” in the Time Dungeon “The Nightspire - Entropic Descent”, characters cannot move properly on the bridge that appears after activating a Soul Pyre in the second location.

   * To resolve this issue, move while jumping or try to repeat the movement made by Charge skills.

   * This issue has unexpectedly occurred due to some action made for blocking hacks of floating and transferring location. We hope you understand.


- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) “Interdimensional Luggage”, “Bigger on the Inside”, “Multidimensional Bag” Achievement don’t have a description that it’s permanently affected by expanded bag slots.

- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) After “Touch of Lily'anthes 2” Quest fails, the Quest location icon disappears from the map.

       * The quest will be automatically accepted when you re-enter West Alicorno Forest where Ilene's garden is located.

- “Black Bandana Panda” Mount can be obtained as a Campaign reward, but the obtaining location information is not provided.

- In the “Applied Effect” menu, the tooltip of the applied effects is not showing although you click or mouse over them.

- “Preview costume” feature on Crusader Weapon Appearance in Lumena Shop is not working for Crusader class.

- The name of Premium Bless Pass Reward Chest is mistyped with “Season 5”.


- When you go to the lobby while the costume is hidden, the costume is still showing in the lobby.

- Attempts to roll or jump through certain cliffs or similar terrain may result in the character being returned to the spot where they attempted the movement.

- (Fixed on Sep. 9th) When players are resurrected at the Soul Pyre in Navarran Military Camp, the players die instead of being resurrected.

- (Fixed on Oct. 14th) There is an issue in certain servers where even though the Summer Event has already ended, the Summer Event Fishing Competition fishes "Large-Eye Dentex", and "Jewelfish" are still shown.

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