The Beginner's Guide
Beginner’s Guide
◼ ControlsBless Unleashed PC features an efficient set of controls for the most comfortable gaming experience. The default control settings are as follows.-  Basic ControlsCharacter movement is controlled by the keys  [W], [S], [A], [D]. while the camera direction can be adjusted by moving the mouse. -  Combat ControlsAttack using left and right-click mouse buttons. Skills can be used with the keys [1] to [5], [C], and [V].* Tip - Press [/] to toggle between walking and running.Read the [Control
There are 5 classes in Bless Unleashed PC.The axe wielding Berserker, sword and shield brandishing crusader, sharpshooting ranger, spell casting mage, and healing and support focused priest.[Index]- BERSERKER- CRUSADER- MAGE- PRIEST- RANGERBerserkers are gentle giants who are brutal and savage in front of their enemies. Fearless warriors capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield, Berserkers employ attacks that affect a wide area to help defeat multiple enemies with ease.  Armed with a massive
Every class has their own set of skills and combos that can be upgraded by leveling up.[Index]- Combos- Skills- Blessings- Class Skills- Skill Points◼ CombosEach class has unique combo skills which are executed when you sequentially follow the mouse button combinations on time. The combinations are displayed next to the character during combat.Go to  Menu(Esc) > Combos for more information on combo sequences.More and more combos are unlocked as your character levels up.Expand the combo tree by u
Bless UnleashedBless Unleashed is a free-to-play, open-world MMORPG that gives players the opportunity to explore and create their own journey. First released on XBOX, the MMORPG is scheduled to be available on PC in the summer of 2021.In Bless Unleashed, you may explore a massive and lively world with friends or forge a unique path by embarking on an epic solo journey.Players will have full control over how they want to play the game. Every decision made will have an immense impact on your over
There are four races in Bless Unleashed PC, Human, Elf, Varg and Ippin.Each race is unique, and you have the freedom to choose the one you want to represent your character.Humans have proven themselves both stubborn and resourceful since ancient times. Humans are a highly social race and their true strength comes when they band together to forge kingdoms and armies.Humans appeared later than the Vargs and the Elves.Beside the Ippin, who came from outside, Humans are the race with the shortest hi