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Bless Unleashed PC has 5 available classes and styles to choose from. 

Classes can be either an axe wielding berserker, sword and shield bashing crusader, sharpshooting ranger, spell casting mage or a priest that focuses on healing and support.







Berserkers are gentle giants who can be brutal and savage in front of their enemies. They are fearless warriors capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Berserkers offer a wide area of attack that helps to clear large quantities of monsters with ease. Armed with massive two-handed weapons and a lust for carnage, Berserkers rush headlong into the enemy with little concern for their well-being. 

In the past, the Vargs rushed to Nightspire in anger to get rid of Chaos.

Some records say that the furious Vargs wiped out many Humans also while fighting Chaos on the battlefield.

Since the Breaking, the Vargs trained how to deal with anger and now mastered to be no longer a trouble in the battlefield.

Today, the Varg Berserkers travel around the world as warriors and watchdogs, and protect their home town from other foolish races.

▲ Berserker Combat Scene

⊙ Style: MELEE

⊙ Primary Weapon: AXE

⊙ Race: VARG

Crusaders are champions essential on the battlefield. Their shield gives them enough durability to properly position themselves to strike enemies using their swords. Their balanced ability between attack and defense provided stability in a prolonged war.

As cities united together, the army of The Old Empire was more dominant than ever. Over time, the army’s standard weapons and combat styles became the basis for the Crusader’s tactics today.

▲ Crusader Combat Scene

⊙ Style: MELEE

⊙ Primary Weapon: SWORD

⊙ Race: HUMAN and IPPIN

Mages give massive damage to the enemy with their mysterious ability.

Visionary magic and elemental magic will shake the ground and defeat enemies.

Mages can attack the enemy by combining different magics.

Sometimes they fear their own mysterious and infinite power, because they were the first race to discover magic, who have lived since ancient times.

When the Elves were immortal, they were able to study and perfect their magic over the centuries.

Some elves brought the secrets of magic to humans, and the first Human Mages have carefully guarded these secrets.

They are the origin of the Human Mage.

▲ Mage Combat Scene

⊙ Style: RANGED

⊙ Primary Weapon: STAFF

⊙ Races: HUMAN and ELF

Priests have the best ability to protect and support their party.

Priests served the gods and were given sacred power. And they bring both their anger and mercy to win the battle.

In ancient times, the Priests simply worshipped the gods and lef people to the faith.

However, everything changed after the Breaking.

Priests now roam the land, bringing the justice of an entire pantheon to those who work to harm the people of Lumios.

▲ Priest Combat Scene

⊙ Style: RANGED

⊙ Primary Weapon: STAFF

⊙ Race: HUMAN and IPPIN

If magic isn’t your thing, but you still prefer ranged combat, the Ranger may be the perfect fit.

Armed with the bow and arrow, you can engage the enemy from afar.

In the days of the Old Empire, Rangers were acting as scouts and spies acrossing the continent.

They advised the Empire's leaders with the information they gained with their ability, or they secretly joined the most invisible battles.

They utilize their deadly bows and an assortment of traps and snares to keep opponents at bay until the battle is won.

▲ Ranger Battle Scene

⊙ Style: RANGED

⊙ Primary Weapon: LONGBOW

⊙ Race: ELF

Updated on October 30, 2020

※ This game guide was created based on the content available in the Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.