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Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide(English) Skills

Every class has their own set of skills and combos that can be upgraded by leveling up.


- Combos

- Skills

- Blessings

- Class Skills

- Skill Points

◼ Combos

Each class has unique combo skills which are executed when you sequentially follow the mouse button combinations on time. The combinations are displayed next to the character during combat.

Go to  Menu(Esc) > Combos for more information on combo sequences.

More and more combos are unlocked as your character levels up.

Expand the combo tree by unlocking combo skills to increase the number of chain attacks and deal greater damage in a shorter amount of time.

Combo skills are executed in one direction following the green line in the combo tree as shown below.

◼ Skills

Using skills in combat grants a more powerful combat experience.

Each class has different skills that can be strengthened by increasing their level.

For the Skills menu, go to Menu(Esc) > Skills.

▣ Unlocking Skills

As the character’s level increases, more skills can be unlocked.

If your character has reached the required level for a certain skill, select the skill and press the “Unlock” button located at the bottom.

▣ Upgrading Skills

Skills can be upgraded using Skill Points obtained from game progression.

The required amount of Skill Points for upgrading can be found in the skills list as shown below.

After confirming the amount of required Skill Points, press the “Upgrade” button located at the bottom.

■ Blessings

When a Blessing is equipped, its Blessing effects (passive skills) are applied.

 ▲ List of Blessings and Blessing effects (Menu > Blessings)

▣ Types of Blessings

□ Combat Blessings

  - Gift of Valor

  - Mark of the Wolf

  - The Lionheart

  - The Crescent Moon

□ Livelihood Blessings

  - Touch of Lily'anthes

  - Touch of Paetion

  - Touch of Baraka

  - Touch of Syrania

  - Touch of Teleos

The effect of Combat Blessings differ for each class while Livelihood Blessings offer the same effect for all classes.

Select a Blessing and press G to view the Blessing's details.

▣ Unlocking Blessings

All Blessings are locked at the beginning,  but become unlocked as the "Memory Fragments" for each Blessing are obtained. 

These Memory Fragments are obtained by completing Campaign Quests.

▲ Memory Fragment for the Blessing “Mark of the Wolf”

▣ Upgrading Blessing Effects

Upgrade a Blessing effect to improve the effect applied.

Increase a Blessing effect's level by using the corresponding Blessing Breaths. Breath for your character’s class must be used.

▣ Bless Breath

Bless Breaths can be acquired from defeating field monsters and as dungeon rewards.

Defeating field monster will obtain Breaths for your character's class while Breaths from dungeons rewards are random and may not be for your class.

Conditions for Bless Breath Drops

  - Gift of Valor: Field Monster / Dungeon Boss Lv.4 or above

  - Mark of the Wolf: Field Monster / Dungeon Boss Lv.10 or above

  - The Lionheart: Field Monster / Dungeon Boss Lv.10 or above

  - The Crescent Moon: Field Monster / Dungeon Boss Lv.21 or above

Breaths come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary grades, with higher grades required for stronger Blessing effects.

▲ Breath Icons (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary)

▲ Before and After Upgrading a Blessing Effect

▣ Equipping and Changing Blessings

When a Blessing is equipped, its effects are also applied. Only one Blessing can be equipped at a time.

▲ The  “Gift of Valor” Blessing is equipped

The equipped Blessing can be changed, or new Blessings unlocked at a "Soul Pyre" of the "Altar of Physera."

- Changing Blessings at Soul Pyre costs Star Seeds.

- Blessings can be changed at Altar of Physera for free.

◼ Class Skills

Class skills are a unique set skills for each class that enhances their combat tactics.

The Class Skills menu can be found in Menu(Esc) > Class Skills.

Players start off with two basic Class Skills, but more can be obtained from level 30 onwards.

Skill Points are required to learn Class skills.

▲ Crusader Class Skills

◼ Skill Points

Skill Points are required to upgrade skills or learn Class skills.

Skill Points are earned by gaining SXP (Skill Points XP), which are obtained from Campaign Quests, Side Quests, and Regional Quests.

The current amount of Skill Points owned can be found at the bottom of the Skills menu.

Updated on October 19th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.