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Every class has their own set of skills and combos that can be upgraded by leveling up.


- Combo Skills

- Blessings

     ㄴ Types of Blessings

     ㄴ Blessing Skills

     ㄴ Unlock and Upgrade Blessing Skills

     ㄴ Obtaining Blessing

     ㄴ Changing Blessing

- SP(Skill Points)  &  SXP

◼ Combo Skills

Each class has unique combo skills which are executed when you sequentially follow the combination of Left-click, Right-click, and [R] on time. The combinations are displayed next to the character during combat.

Go to  Menu(Esc) > Skills > Combos for more information on combo sequences.

More and more combos are unlocked as your character levels up.

Expand the combo tree by unlocking combo skills to increase the number of chain attacks and deal greater damage in a shorter amount of  time.

Combo skills are executed in one direction following the green line in the combo tree as shown below.

◼ Blessings

Blessings grant unique skills that contribute to a  more powerful and effective combat experience.

Information on Blessings can be found in Menu(Esc) > Skills > Blessings.

▣ Types of Blessings

There are multiple types of blessings, namely [Gift of Valor], [Mark of the Wolf],  [Lionheart Legacy], [The Crescent Moon], [Night Wind], [Storm Chaser], [Centurion's Command], and [Blind Executioner].

The first and lowest level Blessing is [Gift of Valor]. The other Blessings can be unlocked by completing Blessing Quests.

A bonus passive skill is unlocked once all the skills in a Blessing have reached max level. (The passive skill is permanently applied)

▣ Blessing Skills

There are 3-4 skills belonging to each Blessing, that can be unlocked and upgraded.

The Blessing Skill UI is displayed on the bottom-right corner, and Blessing Skills can be executed using [1], [2], [3], [4].

▣ Unlock and Upgrade Blessing Skills

Blessing skills can be unlocked and upgraded using Skill points (SP).

Once all the skills in a Blessing have reached max level, a bonus passive skill is unlocked. (The passive skill is permanently applied.)

▣ Obtaining Blessing

Blessing quests are required to unlock Blessings, with different requirements for each  Blessing.

Details on the Blessings and their requirements, can be found under  Menu(Esc) > Skills > Blessings (press [G] after selecting Blessing from the list).

When a Blessing is unlocked, you will automatically switch over to using the skills of the newly unlocked Blessing. You will have to change the Blessing if you wish to use another Blessing’s skills. 

▣ Changing Blessing

To use the skills of another Blessing,  visit either the [Altar of Physera] or a [Soul Pyre] to change your active Blessing.

Changing Blessings at a [Soul Pyre] costs Star Seeds, but is free at the [Altar of Physera].


1.  Press [F] at the [Altar of Physera]/[Soul Pyre], and select [Switch Blessing] for [Altar of Physera], or [Change Blessing] for [Soul Pyre].

2.  Choose the Blessing to be used, and hold [SPACE].

◼ SP(Skill Points)  &  SXP

Skill points are required to unlock or upgrade skills.

Skill points can be obtained by gaining SXP(Skill Points XP), which can be obtained from Campaign Quests, Side Quests, and Regional Quests.

The amount of SP available is shown at the bottom of the skills list.

Updated on October 30, 2020

※ This game guides has been created based on the contents to be opened on Steam CBT, 

and the information may be different from the one of other platforms.