Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide Game Information

The Bless Unleashed PC interface features easy navigation to skill slots, mini map, chat, quick slots, quest trackers, bag indicator, character level, health, resources, active buffs and party information.


- Basic Interface

- Inspection Mode

◼ Basic Interface

① Character Status   -   Character HP, XP, and resources

② Minimap   -   Map of the character’s nearby surroundings

③ Chat UI   -   Chat messages

④ Quick Slots   -   Items equipped to the  Quick Slot

⑤ Quest Logs   -    Quests in progress

⑥ Bless Skills and Class Skills 

⑦ Mailbox   -   Amount of unread mail

⑧ Inventory Info.   -   Inventory usage status

⑨ Party UI   -   List of party members and their HP 

⑩ Boss Monster Info.   -   Monster’s HP, type, gearscore 

◼ Inspection Mode

The following features are available in Inspection Mode.

   -  Target Markers

   -  Location Markers

   -  PvP Mode

Press [O] to activate Inspection Mode, and press [Esc] to exit.

Markers used for marking targets or locations are shown at the bottom-left corner in Inspection Mode.

▲ Markers

▣ Applying the "Target Marker"

These markers can be applied to targets.


1.  Choose the marker by pressing [Q] and [E].

2.  Move the mouse and place the cursor over the desired target.

3.  Press [C] to apply the marker to the indicated target.

*  Press [F] to remove all applied markers.

▣ Applying the "Location Marker"

These markers can be applied to locations.


1.  Choose the marker by pressing [Q] and [E].

2.  Press [X] and a target cursor will appear on the ground.

3.  Move the cursor to where you want to apply the marker.

4.  Press [SPACE] to apply the marker. 

*  Press [F] to remove all applied markers.

▣ Activating PvP mode

PvP Mode can be activated in Inspection Mode once the character has reached level 20.

Hold [Z] to activate PvP mode, and hold [Z] again to deactivate.

PvP mode is not available in [Peace Zones].

The zone type is indicated by the icon located at the top of the [Minimap].

Updated on October 30, 2020

This game guide was created based on the content available in the Bless Unleashed PC CBT.

Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.