Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide Game Information

Bless Unleashed PC provides an efficient and comfortable way of controling for players.


- Basic Controls

- Customizing Controls

- Changing Presets

◼ Basic Controls

Players can customize controls and save up to 5 presets in [Bless Unleashed PC].

The default control settings are as follows.

◼ Customizing Controls

Follow the steps below to customize the controls.

1.  Go to  Menu  >   Option(F)  >  Settings  >  Control User Settings  >  Keyboard/Mouse Settings

      (For gamepad users, go to [Controller Settings] )

2.  Choose the preset (layout 1 to 5) to be customized from the top of the menu.

3.  Choose the option to be changed and press [SPACE].

4.  When the pop-up message appears, press the key/button you want to use for the option.

      ([Enter] and [Esc] cannot be used for customizing)

◼ Changing Presets

Follow the steps below to change control presets.

1.  Go to  Menu  >   Option(F)  >  Settings  >  Control User Settings

2.  Select the preset in [Keyboard-Mouse Preset].

3.  You can play with the controls of the selected preset.

Updated on October 30, 2020

This game guide was created based on the content available in the Bless Unleashed PC CBT.

Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.