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World Map

The world of Lumios is vaster than expected.

And using World map gives players a chance to have an easier and faster travel in this world. 


- World Map Introduction

- World Map Icons

- World Map Features

◼ World Map Introduction

The World Map shows the areas where your character has already travelled.

Locations of the towns, fields, NPCs, shops, Soul Pyres, Teleposts etc. can be found in the World Map.

Press [M] to open the World Map.


[Basic Controls]

① [A], [S], [D], [W]:  Move the cursor

② Mouse Wheel:  Zoom in/out

◼ World Map Icons

◼ World Map Features

▣ Legend

You can find the locations of NPCs, Shops etc. by using the [Legend] feature.

1.  Press [X] to open the [Legend] menu.

2.  Select the type of icon you want to search for from the list and press [SPACE]

3.  Icons of the selected type are shown in the color green on the map.

▣ Waypoints

You can mark destinations on the map using [Waypoints].

1.  Move the cursor to  where you want to mark as a destination, and press [F].

2.  The [Waypoint] marker has been added to the map.

      (Press [F] again to remove the marker)

*  The direction of the marker is shown on the [Minimap] to help you find the destination easily.

*  The marker is automatically removed when you reach the destination.

*  Party members can see each other's [Waypoint] markers.

▲ How the [Waypoint] Marker is shown in the [Minimap]

▣ Map Markers

You can place different types of markers on the map by using [Map Marker].

1.  Move the cursor to where you want to put the marker, then press [G] to open the [Map Marker] menu.

2.  Choose the marker and press [SPACE]

3.  Choose the marker's color and press [SPACE] to place the marker.

*  A maximum of 30 [Map Markers] can be located on the map at once.

*  [Map Markers] are visible in [Minimap] as well.

Updated on October 30, 2020

※ This game guide has been created based on the contents to be opened on Bless Unleashed PC CBT. 

When there is an update, some information may be different from the game contents for a specific period.