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The world of Lumios is vaster than expected. Mounts are companions that help you traverse the world.


- How to Obtain Mounts

- How to Register Mount Cards

- How to Equip Mounts

- How to Ride Mounts

- Mount Controls

- Types of Mounts

◼ How to Obtain Mounts

You can obtain mounts through various methods such as quests, Treasure Chests, Treasure Maps, defeating boss monsters, VIP Rewards, and taming.

Mounts can also be purchased from merchants including the [Mount Merchant], [Reputation Merchant], [Faction Shop], and [Lumena Shop].

A [Mount Card] will be added to your inventory when a mount is first obtained. This card can be used after registering it to your stable.

▲ Mount Merchant

◼ How to Register Mount Cards

You need to register the Mount Card to the [Stable] first before the mount can be used.

1.  Go to Menu > Bag  > Consumables to check the obtained Mount Card.

2.  Select the Mount Card to be registered, and press [SPACE].

3.  The mount will be registered in the [Stable].

▲ Mount Card Icon

◼ How to Equip Mounts

Before using the mount, you’ll need to equip the registered mount to your character.

1.  Go to Menu > Stable and check the registered mount.

2.  Select the mount to be equipped, and press [SPACE].

3.  You may now ride the mount.

◼ How to Ride Mounts

1.  Press [X] to ride the equipped mount.

2.  The mount will be summoned with a whistle sound.

*  Press [X] again to dismount.

Summoning a Mount

   - Video by Chloraform (Discord Moderator)

Riding a Mount

   - Video by Chloraform (Discord Moderator)

◼ Mount Controls

[W]  -  Move forward

[A]  -  Move backward

[S]  -  Move left

[D]  -  Move right

[Shift]  -  Sprint

[X]  -  Mount/Dismount

[Ctrl]  -  Jump

◼ Types of Mounts

There are 5 types of mounts, each with different effects.

1.  Common (No Sprint available)

2.  Uncommon (1 Sprint available)

3.  Rare (2 Sprints available) 

4.  Epic (3 Sprints available) 

5.  Legendary (4 Sprints available) 

Updated on July 21th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.

Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.