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Death and Resurrection

In Bless Unleashed PC, a character will not immediately die after receiving a fatal blow.

Instead, the character will be in a Near Death Status wherein other adventurers can still help and revive them.


- Death

- Resurrection

     ㄴ Using Recovery Scrolls

     ㄴ Recovering via Star Seeds

     ㄴ Resurrecting at a Soul Pyre

     ㄴ Requesting Help from Nearby Players

◼ Death

When your character dies due to its HP being completely depleted, it will enter Near Death.

◼ Resurrection

While Near Death, you can either recover by yourself or be resurrected with the help of others.

1. Using Recovery Scrolls

Recovery Scrolls can be used to heal yourself immediately.

Up to 5 Recovery Scrolls can be used before you must reset at a [Soul Pyre].

2. Recovering via Star Seeds

Star Seeds can be used to recover from Near Death up to 5 times a day.

The amount required increases with each use, and is reset by approaching a [Soul Pyre].

3. Resurrecting at a Soul Pyre

You will be resurrected at the closest activated [Soul Pyre].

[Gold] is deducted as a fee if you use 'Resurrect at Soul Pyre' while in a dungeon or field.

However, [Gold] is not deducted if you were killed by another player.

4. Requesting Help from Nearby Players

Players nearby automatically receive your call for help when you are Near Death.

They can then approach your character and hold [F] to rescue you.

Being rescued repeatedly increases the time it takes to be rescued next.  (This effect can be reset at the [Soul Pyre].)

Updated on October 30, 2020

This game guide was created based on the content available in the Bless Unleashed PC CBT.

Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.