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Use the Matchmaking system to enter dungeons and battlefields with other players.

Special rewards can be obtained by successfully completing matchmaking content.


- Types of Matchmaking

- Matchmaking Process

- Entry Requirements

Matchmaking Menu  :    Menu(Esc)  >  Matchmaking

◼ Types of Matchmaking

Matchmaking is largely divided into two categories, Dungeons and Battlefields.

▣ Dungeons

Enter various dungeons with other players to defeat unique bosses. There are a total of 3 types, Arenas, Lairs, and Dungeons.

      ⊙ Arenas/Lairs  -   A group of 2 (Arena) or 5 (Lair) players working together to defeat one boss in a closed circular arena.

      ⊙ Dungeons  -   A group of 5 players working to defeat 3 bosses.

▣ Battlefields

PvP content consisting of a [15 vs 15] and a [3 vs 3] battlefield. Players are divided into two factions upon entering the battlefield.

      ⊙ 15 vs 15  (Red Basin)

        -  The main objective is to earn faction points by capturing bases located throughout the battlefield.

        -  Players will need to interact with the base for 10 seconds in order to capture it. A captured base generates faction points over time. 

        -  The more bases you control, the more points you get.

        -  The first team to obtain the required amount of Faction points wins.

        -  Level Requirement:  20+

           (The Red Basin battlefield is divided into one for players level 20 - 27, and one for players level 28+.) 

      ⊙ 3 vs 3  (Warlords Arena)

        -  A 3 vs 3 battle where the first faction to win 2 matches out of 3 is victorious. 

        -  Players with similar stats are likely to be matched together. 

        -  Level Requirement:  28+

◼ Matchmaking Process

Follow the steps below to process Matchmaking.

1.  Menu(Esc)  >  Matchmaking

2.  Select the Dungeon or Battlefield you want to enter to begin the matchmaking process.

3.  Please wait until a full group is formed. 

4.  Once the group is full and ready to begin, a popup asking you to accept the Matchmaking will appear. 

5.  Players will enter the dungeon or battlefield when everyone has accepted the Matchmaking. 

◼ Entry Requirements

There are requirements to enter Dungeons and Battlefields.

-  Dungeons Entry Requirements:   level, Gear Score

-  Battlefield Entry Requirements:  level, Gear Score, Battlefield Ranking

Some Dungeons and Battlefields require the completion of certain quests or trials before they are unlocked.

[Scene of Matchmaking]

Arena Matchmaking Dungeon

   - Video by Chloraform (Discord Moderator)

Updated on October 30, 2020

※ This game guide has been created based on the contents to be opened on Bless Unleashed PC CBT. 

When there is an update, some information may be different from the game contents for a specific period.