Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide Game Information
System Settings

To change the settings of the game, go to  Menu(Esc)  >  Option(F)  >  Settings.

There are 6 categories under Settings.

1. Gameplay Settings

⊙ Item Use Type  -  set the Item Use Type. (Quick Slot / Ring Menu)

⊙ Invert Y-axis  -  reverse camera controls on the Y-Axis.

⊙ Invert X-axis  -  reverse camera controls on the X-Axis.

⊙ Camera sensitivity  -  set the rotation sensitivity of the camera.

⊙ Camera Distance  -  adjust the distance between the character and camera.

⊙ Mount Camera  -  enable/disable fixed-camera settings while mounted.

⊙ Vibration  -  enable/disable in-game vibration settings.

⊙ Idle Camera  -  enable/disable fixed-camera settings while idle.

⊙ Remove Equipment  -   item registered on the Quick Slot is automatically removed once used up.

⊙ Hide Helmet  -  show/hide your character's helmet.

⊙ Keep Head Visible  -  show/hide the costume elements that cover your character's head.

⊙ Party Invitations  -  toggles Party Invitations from other players.

⊙ Receive Guild Invitations  -  toggles Guild Invitations from other players.

⊙ Chatting transmission  -  enable/disable chat message transmission.

⊙ User Message Bubble  -  enable/disable character message bubbles.

⊙ Marketplace Registration Notification  -  enable/disable alerts about when special items are on the Marketplace.

2. User Interface

⊙ HUD Size  -  change the HUD size.

⊙ Tutorial Notification  -  enable/disable Tutorial Notifications

⊙ View Guild Member Login Notification  -  enable/disable Guild Member Login Notifications

⊙ View Skill insufficient Resource Alarm  -  enable/disable the alarm when there is not enough resources to use the skill.

⊙ Display Prana notice  -  enable/disable Prana notice

⊙ Nearby Item announcements  -  enable/disable notifications about when a nearby player obtains an item of a certain grade or above.

⊙ Player HP  -  toggles the display of player HP in percentage(%) or actual numbers.

⊙ Monster HP  -  toggles the display of Monster HP in percentage(%) or actual numbers.

⊙ Display effect text  -  toggles the display of effects on the player.

⊙ Display Monster effect text  -  toggles the display of effects on monsters.

⊙ Display player damage  -  toggles the display of the damage received by the player.

⊙ Display player healing  -  toggles the display of the healing received by the player.

⊙ Display Monster damage  -  toggles the display of the damage received by the monsters.

⊙ Display Gear Score penalty  -  toggles the display of the Gear Score penalty.

3. Control User Settings

⊙ Controller Presets  -  change your controller presets. (Layout 1 - 5)

⊙ Controller Settings  -  edit the control settings for the controller.

⊙ Keyboard / Mouse Preset  -  change your keyboard-mouse control presets. (Layout 1 - 5)

⊙ Keyboard/ Mouse Settings  -  edit the control settings for keyboard and mouse.

⊙ Easy Mount Controls  -  enable/disable controlling the mount the same way as controlling the character.

4. Graphics

⊙ Resolution  -  change resolution.

⊙ Display Mode  -  change the Display Mode.  (Full Screen / Windowed / Maximize Windowed)

⊙ Vertical Sync  -  enable/disable Vertical Sync.

⊙ Screen Ratio  -  change screen ratio.

⊙ View Distance  -  change View Distance quality.

⊙ Post Processings  -  change Post Processing quality.

⊙ Brightness  -  adjust screen brightness.


*  You can also adjust the settings for Anti-Aliasing, Shadow, Texture, Effect, and Foliage.

5. Audio

⊙ Master Volume  -  adjust the game's master volume.

⊙ SFX  -  adjust the volume of in-game sound effects.

⊙ UI  -  adjust the in-game UI-size.

⊙ Voice Chat Volume  -  adjust the in-game voice chat volume.

⊙ Music  -  adjust the in-game background music volume.

6. Language

⊙ Subtitles  -  configure subtitle support.

Updated on October 30, 2020

※ This game guide has been created based on the contents to be opened on Bless Unleashed PC CBT. 

When there is an update, some information may be different from the game contents for a specific period.