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System Settings

To change the game's settings, go to  Menu(Esc)  >  Option(F)  >  Settings.

There are 6 categories under Settings.

1. Gameplay Settings

⊙ Item Use Type  -  set the Item Use Type (Quick Slot / Ring Menu).

⊙ Hide HUD  -  turn the HUD on and off.

⊙ Invert Y-axis  -  reverse camera controls on the Y-Axis.

⊙ Invert X-axis  -  reverse camera controls on the X-Axis.

⊙ Camera sensitivity  -  set the camera's rotation sensitivity.

⊙ Camera Vibration Intensity  -  control the camera's vibration effects for attacks.

⊙ Camera Distance  -  adjust the distance between the character and camera.

⊙ Mount Camera  -  enable/disable fixed-camera settings while mounted.

⊙ Vibration  -  enable/disable in-game vibration settings.

⊙ Idle Camera  -  enable/disable fixed-camera settings while idle.

⊙ Remove Equipment  -  items registered on the Quick Slot are automatically removed once depleted.

⊙ Hide Helmet  -  show/hide your character's helmet.

⊙ Keep Head Visible  -  show/hide your character's costume headwear.

⊙ Hide Outfit  -  show/hides your character's costume outfit.

⊙ Hide Quivers  -  show/hides your character’s quiver (applies only to the Ranger class.)

⊙ Party Invitations  -  toggles party invitations from other players.

⊙ Receive Guild Invitations  -  toggles guild invitations from other players.

⊙ Chatting transmission  -  enable/disable chat message transmission.

⊙ User Message Bubble  -  enable/disable character message bubbles.

⊙ Marketplace Registration Notification  -  enable/disable alerts about when special items are on the Marketplace.

⊙ Automated Main Quest Guidance  -  enable/disable the automated main quest guidance.

2. User Interface

⊙ HUD Size  -  change the HUD size.

⊙ Tutorial Notification  -  enable/disable tutorial notifications

⊙ View Guild Member Login Notification  -  enable/disable guild member login notifications

⊙ View Skill Insufficient Resource Alarm  -  enable/disable the alarm activated when there is not enough resources to use the skill.

⊙ Display Prana notice  -  enable/disable Prana notice

⊙ Nearby Item announcements  -  enable/disable notifications about when a nearby player obtains an item of a certain grade or above.

⊙ Player HP  -  toggles the display of player HP in percentage(%) or actual numbers.

⊙ Monster HP  -  toggles the display of Monster HP in percentage(%) or actual numbers.

⊙ Display effect text  -  toggles the display of effects received by the player.

⊙ Display Monster effect text  -  toggles the display of effects received by monsters.

⊙ Display player damage  -  toggles the display of damage received by the player.

⊙ Display player healing  -  toggles the display of healing received by the player.

⊙ Display Monster damage  -  toggles the display of damage received by monsters.

⊙ Display Gear Score penalty  -  toggles the display of the Gear Score penalty.

3. Control User Settings

⊙ Controller Presets  -  change your controller presets (layout 1 - 5.)

⊙ Controller Settings  -  edit the control settings for the controller.

⊙ Keyboard / Mouse Preset  -  change your keyboard-mouse control presets (layout 1 - 5.)

⊙ Keyboard/ Mouse Settings  -  edit the control settings for the keyboard and mouse.

⊙ Mount Control Type  -  select the control type for mounts.

4. Graphics

⊙ Display Mode  -  select the rendering window mode (full screen / windowed / maximize windowed.)

⊙ Screen Ratio  -  select the rendering size.

⊙ Frame Rate Limit  -  limit frame rate to a set value (30 ~ 200 FPS.)

⊙ Vertical Sync  -  synchronizes the monitor’s rendering output with the graphics card output.

⊙ Brightness  -  adjust screen brightness. Brightness adjustment is disabled if HDR is enabled.

⊙ Graphics - easily configure the quality of the graphics.

⊙ Rendering Size - increasing the screen’s rendering size enables clearer rendering. However, higher rendering size reduces performance.

⊙ View Distance  -  controls the rendering distance of objects shown on the screen. Objects from far away will be visible, but quality will drop.

⊙ Anti-Aliasing - smooths out pixel rendering. The TAA format is recommended for optimized rendering.

⊙ Lighting Quality - defines the quality of shadow definition, output distance, additional motion lights, etc.

⊙ Post Effects -  the amount of graphical effects displayed.

⊙ Texture - this is defined according to texture resolution and quality performance memory.

⊙ Effects - defines the quality of the game’s effects. Effects are displayed at a further distance.

⊙ Foliage Density - the amount of small foliage displayed.

⊙ Motion Blur - applies a blur effect when the character or camera moves to smoothly connect frames. Motion blur may cause dizziness.

5. Audio

⊙ Master Volume  -  adjust the game's master volume.

⊙ SFX  -  adjust the volume of in-game sound effects.

⊙ UI  -  adjust the in-game UI-size.

⊙ Voice Chat Volume  -  adjust the in-game voice chat volume.

⊙ Music  -  adjust the in-game background music volume.

6. Language

⊙ Subtitles  -  configure subtitle support.

Updated on July 20th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.