Beginner’s Guide | Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide(English)
Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide(English) Beginner's Guide
Beginner’s Guide

◼ Controls

Bless Unleashed PC features an efficient set of controls for the most comfortable gaming experience. The default control settings are as follows.

-  Basic Controls

Character movement is controlled by the keys  [W], [S], [A], [D]. while the camera direction can be adjusted by moving the mouse. 

-  Combat Controls

Attack using left and right-click mouse buttons. Skills can be used with the keys [1] to [5], [C], and [V].

* Tip - Press [/] to toggle between walking and running.

Read the [Controls] Guide for more details.

◼ Adjusting Game Settings

▣  Windowed Mode

Bless Unleashed PC supports both windowed mode and full-screen mode.

Follow the steps below to play in windowed mode.

1.  Menu > Option(F) > Settings > Graphics

2.  Select [Windowed] or [Maximized Windowed] under [Display Mode].

3.  When you exit the [Graphics] menu, a confirmation message will appear.

4.  Press [Yes] to confirm.

Read the [System Settings] Guide for more details.

▣  Game Graphics Settings

To change the game's graphics settings, go to  Menu > Option(F) > Settings > Graphics.

Here you can adjust the resolution, display mode, screen ratio, texture quality, and effect quality.

Read the [System Settings] Guide for more details.

▣  Volume

In-game volume can be adjusted at  Menu > Settings > Audio.

There you can change the master volume, and volume settings for SFX, UI, voice chat, and music.

Read the [System Settings] Guide for more details.

▣  Customizing Controls

Players can customize controls and save up to 5 presets in Bless Unleashed PC.

To customize controls, go to  Menu  >   Option(F)  >  Settings  >  Control User Settings  >  Keyboard/Mouse Settings.

(For gamepad users, go to [Controller Settings] )

Read the [System Settings] Guide for more details.

▣  Camera Zoom

You can adjust the distance between your character and the camera by using the mouse wheel.

Increase the distance for a wider view, or zoom in closely to take in all the details of a combat scene.

Read [System Settings] Guides for more details.

▣  Item Usage Method

Players can choose between the Quick Slot and Ring Menu method for using items.

To change the settings, go to  Menu > Option(F) > Settings > Game Play > Item Use Type.

Read the [System Settings] Guide for more details.

◼ Leveling Up Your Character

▣ Hunting Monsters

The most basic way of leveling up your character is by obtaining XP, Gold, and items by hunting monsters.

Use combos and skills to increase damage dealt to enemies, and [Evade] to reduce damage received.

▣ Completing Quests

Another way to level up your character is by completing quests, which also provide various rewards.

Types of quests include [Campaign Quests], [Side Quests], [Regional Quests], [Prestige Quests], [Union Quests], [Blessing Quests], and [Crusades and Invasions].

Campaign Quests feature the main storyline in Bless Unleashed PC while Side Quests are a good way to reach the required level for Campaign Quests.
Useful items for beginners such as equipment, potions, and fortification stones are also rewarded.

Read the [Quests] Guide for more details.

▣ Skills and Blessings

Using skills in combat gives you a more powerful combat experience.

Skills are categorized into skills and class skills. Class skills are a unique set of skills for each class that enhances their combat tactics.

Use skill points obtained from game progression to upgrade skills.

When a Blessing is activated, its Blessing effects are also equipped to increase combat ability.

Read the  [Skills] Guide for more details.

▣ Increasing Gear Score

Gear Score is determined by the tier, equipment grade, and fortification Level.

Specific Gear Scores may be required for some quests or dungeons.

Gear Scores can be increased by enhancing equipment.

Read the [Enhancing Equipment] Guide for more details.

▣ Death and Resurrection

When your character dies due to its HP being completely depleted, it will enter Near Death.

While Near Death, you can either recover by yourself or be resurrected with the help of others.

1.  Using Recovery Scrolls

Recovery Scrolls can be used to heal yourself immediately.

2.  Recovering via Star Seeds

Star Seeds can be used to recover from Near Death up to 5 times a day.

3.  Resurrecting at a Soul Pyre

Resurrect at the closest activated [Soul Pyre].

Read the [Death and Resurrection] Guide for more details.

◼ Currency of Bless Unleashed PC

▣  Gold

Gold is the basic currency used for purchasing various items from merchants.

It can be obtained by hunting monsters and selling items to merchants.

▣  Star Seed

Star Seed can be obtained by exchanging Gold in a Metropolitan city. The maximum number of exchanges is limited based on the character's level.

It is a highly valued currency used for trading items with other players, enhancing items, travelling via Telepost, resurrection, and purchasing items from the Limited Time Merchant.

◼ Trading Items

Players can trade with each other in the Marketplace using Star Seeds.

The Marketplace can be accessed through the Marketplace Manager located in each major city.

▲ Marketplace Manager

Read the [Marketplace] Guide for more details.

◼ Traveling Faster and Easier

The world of Lumios is bigger than expected.

Effectively utilizing various travel methods will help increase your character’s growth quickly. 

▣ Using Mounts

Mounts are companions that help you traverse the vast world of Lumios.

You can obtain mounts through various methods such as quests, Treasure Chests, Treasure Maps, defeating boss monsters, Royalty Rewards, and taming.

Mounts can also be purchased from merchants including the [Mount Merchant], [Reputation Merchant], [Faction Shop], and [Lumena Shop].

▲ Mount Merchant

Read the  [Mounts] Guide for more details.

▣ Using Teleposts

⊙ Common Telepost

Travel quickly to other locations by using a Telepost. Gold is required when using a Telepost, and you can teleport to any activated Telepost in Lumios. There are 2 ways to use a Telepost.

  1. Select a Telepost on the World Map and teleport directly to it.

  2. Approach a Telepost and interact with it to teleport to another Telepost. (This method consumes less gold)

⊙ Metropolitan Telepost

Use Metropolitan Teleposts to move around the city for free. 

However travel is only possible between Metropolitan Teleposts in the same city.

Activating a Telepost

   - Video by Nodachiro (Discord Moderator)

◼ TIPs for Beginners

▣  How can I interact with NPCs?


1.  Approach the NPC.

2.  Press [F] to start a conversation.

3.  Press [Esc] to exit the conversation.

▣  I want to hunt monsters with other players.

Take on powerful monsters by joining together with other players using the party system for an exciting battle experience.

Hunting as a party also allows higher level players to help lower level players grow quickly and easily.

Follow the steps below to form a party.

1.  Approach the player you want to form a party with and press [T].

2.  Select [Invite to Party] from the dialog menu to send a party invitation to the player.

3.  The invited player will see the invitation appear on the left side of their screen.

4.  If the invitation is accepted, the party will be formed and a message will be displayed.

Read the [Party] Guide for more details.

▣ Changing Channels

You can move to another channel through the World Map.

[How to change channels]

1. Press [M] to open the World Map.

2. Hold [Z].

3. Select the channel you want to move to then press [Space].

4. Select "Yes" to change your channel.

Read the [Worldmap] Guide for more details.

▣  Using the player resting place, the 'Soul Pyre'

Soul Pyres are located in key areas throughout the Bless world. Always remember to activate Soul Pyres whenever you visit new places to make use of the following features.

- Resurrection Spot

- Protection from PvP when within 15m of the Soul Pyre

- Recover HP

- Salvage Items

- Cook

- Change Blessings

▣  How can I chat with other players?

Players can communicate with each other in a variety of ways in Bless Unleashed PC.

There are various channels for chatting, and players can choose which channel’s messages to display in the chat window.

[Chat Guide]

1. Press [Enter] to open the Chat window.

2. Enter the desired message in the input field and press [Enter]. The message will appear in the chat window once it is sent.

Read the [Chat] Guide for more details.

▣ Can I hide the HUD?

Press [F7] to hide the HUD.

By hiding the HUD, you can enjoy the game as if it was a movie and create dramatic scenes for screenshots.

▣ I want to take screenshots.

Press [F9] to take a screenshot.

The location of the saved screenshot is shown in the chat window.

▣  Where can I check my Mailbox?

In Bless Unleashed PC, alerts and announcements are delivered to your [Mailbox].

[Mailboxes] can be found in all towns.

Follow the steps below to check your Mailbox.

1.  Press [F] in front of the [Mailbox] and select [Check Mail].

2.  The list of mail is shown on screen.

3.  Click on the mail you want to read to display its details on the right.

▣  My character is stuck.

If your character suddenly gets stuck and becomes unmovable while playing, use "Emergency Escape" to escape.

1.  Menu(Esc) > Option(F)

2.  Select [Emergency Escape] and press [OK].

3.  You will be transferred to the closest activated [Soul Pyre]

Updated on July 21th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.