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Various monsters in the world of Lumios await to be challenged.
Hunt powerful unique bosses with other players for a fun and intense experience. Various items are rewarded for defeating monsters.


- Common Monsters

- Skilled Monsters

- Field Bosses

   ㄴ Elite Bosses

   ㄴ Unique Bosses

   ㄴ Twisted Field Bosses

- Treasure Shabiki and Star Chaser Shabiki

- QTE (Quick Time Events)

◼ Common Monsters

Common monsters are found all over the world of Lumios, and are fought by players throughout the growth of their character.

◼ Skilled Monsters

Skilled monsters are located throughout Lumios.

They are bigger than common monsters and execute a higher variety of skills in combat.

▲ Combat with the “Dustwind Chief”.

◼ Field Bosses

Field bosses are extremely powerful enemies located in specific areas in Lumios.

Types of Field Bosses

- Elite

- Unique

▣ Elite Bosses

Players encounter elite bosses regularly while performing campaign and side quests.
Defeating elite bosses may reward the player with unique items while completing elite boss quests may allow one reward box per day to be obtained.

▲ Elite Boss UI and icon.

▣ Unique Bosses

With only one located in each region, unique bosses are the strongest field bosses in Lumios that players may encounter while performing campaign quests.
Defeat unique bosses to obtain unique items and complete unique boss quests to be rewarded with one reward box a day.

▲ Unique Boss UI  and icon.

* Unique Boss Level Scaling

The stats, HP, and level of a unique boss is adjusted according to the factors below.

- Character Level

- The number of players present in the area

▲ Difference in level of the unique boss is due to the character's level.

Twisted Field Bosses

Twisted Field Bosses are mutated unique bosses that are stronger and have different patterns.

These bosses appear where unique bosses appear at a low chance, and they are colored differently from unique bosses.

▲ (From the left) Twisted Grassland Giant, Twisted Harpy Queen, Twisted Bashal, Twisted Cyclops

◼ Treasure Shabiki and Star Chaser Shabiki

Players may occasionally run into a magical Treasure Shabiki carrying a hoard of precious items.

Multiple small chests are dropped when the Treasure Shabiki is attacked while a large chest is dropped when it is killed.

The Star Chaser Shabiki appears at a lower chance than the Treasure Shabiki but the treasures it drop are much more valuable.

▲ (From left) Treasure Shabiki, Star Chaser Shabiki

◼ QTE (Quick Time Events)

Quick Time Events will occasionally trigger on-screen prompts during combat with field bosses if you are stunned. Players must input the indicated button(s) on screen to break free. 

There are three types of QTE. 

QTE Types

- Pressing a specific button at the correct time

- Mashing a set of buttons

- Pressing buttons in sequence

▲ Pressing a specific button at the correct time.

▲ Mashing a set of buttons.

▲ Pressing buttons in sequence.

Updated on May 5th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.