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Players can create their own estate and build multiple types of structures to obtain various materials needed to craft items. Hiring workers within the estate to work for you is one of the fun features.


- What is an Estate?

- Unlocking your Estate

- Entering your Estate

- Estate Structures

- Building Estate Structures

- Estate Production

- Taming Monsters

◼ What is an Estate?

The Estate is Bless Unleashed PC's player housing system. Players can gather various materials and manage mounts by managing their Estate.

▲ Estate

◼ Unlocking your Estate

You must first perform the "Old Friends and Allies" quest in order to unlock your Estate.

▲ Quest "Old Friends and Allies"

◼ Entering your Estate

To enter your estate, carry out the quest “Entering Your Estate” given by the “Sorza Knight”.

▲ Quest "Entering Your Estate"

After completing the quest “Entering Your Estate”, go to World Menu(M) > Estate and hold [G] to enter your Estate.

① News:  shows all the activities in your Estate

② Labor Pool:  shows the production progress of your Estate workers

◼ Estate Structures

▣ Tavern

You can hire workers and artisans such as farmers, miners, and carpenters who visit your Tavern.

Workers and artisans appear in your Tavern once a day, and they can be hired by using Gold or Star Seeds.

The higher your Estate Level, the more workers and artisans appear in your Tavern.

▲ Workers and artisans in the Tavern

▲ Worker profile and a hired worker

▣ Orchard

Assign workers to the orchard to obtain timber, fruit, plants, or enhancement materials.

▣ Mine

Workers can be assigned to the mine to produce ore, stone, gems, or enhancement materials.

▣ Animal Pen

Assign animals tamed from the field as livestock to produce crafting materials, or enhancement materials. They can also be raised as mounts.

▣ Village Smithy / Carpenter's Workshop / Tailor's Cottage / Grocer's Market

Specialized artisans can be assigned to produce crafting materials, enhancement materials, elixirs, or items based on the artisan's trait.

◼ Building Estate Structures

A number of structures can be built on your Estate to increase production efficiency.

Building structures require the corresponding blueprint. Blueprints can be obtained from side quests, monster drops or reward boxes.

▲ Blueprints - (left to right) Orchard, Mine, Animal Pen, Village Smithy, Carpenter's Workshop, Tailor's Cottage, Grocer's Market

◼ Estate Production

Workers can be assigned to structures to obtain or produce materials.

Interact with the sign of the structure you want to assign your worker to.

You will then be redirected to the “Manage Structure” tab where you can manage and assign workers to each available structure. Production in the corresponding structure begins after the worker has been assigned.

Once production is complete, return to the structure's production menu to collect the produced items. Once collected, new production can begin.

Items collected can be found in the Estate Warehouse.

◼ Taming Monsters

After obtaining access to your Estate and completing the hiring quest, you may now capture monsters in the field by taming. 

While fighting wild animals, there is a chance that they will enter a capturable state when struck. When they are in this state, completing a QTE will allow you to successfully capture the wild animal. Occasionally, rare animals appear throughout the world, and they can be captured using a trap item.

Captured animals can be viewed in your Estate's Labor Pool.

▲ Taming

Updated on December 23rd, 2020

※ This game guide was created based on the content available in the Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.