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Reputation represents your standing with each faction of Lumios. Reputation can be increased by completing specific quests. Increasing your reputation allows you to purchase special items from each region's Reputation Merchant.


- Reputation UI

- What are Factions?

- Regional Factions

- Reputation Level

- Increasing Reputation Level

- Prestige Quests

- Reputation Merchant

◼ Reputation UI

Go to Menu(Esc) > Mastery & Reputation to view a list of reputations, your reputation level, and reputation points. Select the [Reputation] tab located at the top.

① Faction Category (PVP based / Regional based)

② List of Factions

③ Reputation Points

④ Reputation Level for each Faction

⑤ Reputation Points for each Faction

◼ What are Factions?

Factions exist in specific regions, and your goal is to increase your reputation with each faction.

There are both PVP and regional factions.

1. PVP based Factions (Red Basin)

- At the start of the game, you will be presented with two factions, "The Sen" and "The Vos’Elan".

2. Regional Factions

- These factions become available as you progress through the campaign and side quests.

◼ Regional Factions



Gnoll Wastes

Ruins of Tristezza

Ordo University

The Kingdom of Navarra

The Ardell Traders

Count Rosso

Kannus Mountains


Ivory Dunes

The Herbati Tribes

Jungle Tribal Alliance


◼ Reputation Level

Reputation levels for each faction is determined based on the amount of reputation points.
Reputation levels are as follows.

- Neutral

- Friendly

- Honored

- Revered

- Exalted

◼ Increasing Reputation Level

Obtain reputation points and rewards by completing repeatable quests in the region belonging to each faction. Reputation level can be raised by increasing reputation points.

Repeatable quests can be completed up to 3 times a day within the related major city.

However reputation points and rewards from repeatable quests can no longer be obtained once you have reached the Honored status with a faction. At that point, your reputation level can only be increased by completing prestige quests.

Read the [Quests] Guide for more details on Prestige quests.

* You can increase your reputation level for the relative faction by obtaining reputation points from being victorious in the battlefield or arena.

◼ Reputation Merchant

Special items (appearance cards, mounts, recipes, and dyes) unique to each regional faction can be purchased from Reputation Merchants located in each major city. Players must reach the required minimum reputation level for each item before it can be purchased.

▲ Reputation Merchant Icon

[Reputation Merchant per region]

(From the left)

- Ordo University Professional Trader (Carzacor)

- Kingdom of Navarra Professional Trader (Navarra)

- Ardell Traders Premium Merchant (Ardell Traders in Gnoll Wastes)

- Count Rosso Professional Trader (Rosso Castle in Ruins of Tristezza)

- Herbati Tribe Professional Trader (Herbati Village in Kannus Mountains)

- Bellog Professional Trader (Stonemoss Cave in Zenkala)

- Madaan Professional Trader (Madaan Plaza in Ivory Dunes)

[Purchase Method]

1. Interact with a [Reputation Merchant].

2. Select [Show me what you've got.] from the dialog menu.

3. Select the [Purchase] tab located at the top.

4. Choose the item you want to purchase from the list on the left and hold [SPACE].

5. Enter the quantity and hold [SPACE] to purchase.

▲ Reputation Merchant Item List

Updated on May 5th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.