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You can store items using the warehouse system in Bless Unleashed PC.


- Introduction

- Using the Warehouse

- Expanding the Warehouse

◼ Introduction

You can store items in a warehouse through the “Warehouse Manager” NPC located in every town.

There are two types of warehouse: Personal Storage and Account Storage.

▲ Warehouse Manager Icon

▣ Personal Storage

Personal Storage can only be accessed by that particular character.

▣ Account Storage

Account Storage is accessible from all characters on your account.

Items can be shared between all your characters through Account Storage.

(Only items that are tradable or are account bound can be stored.)

◼ Using the Warehouse

Follow the steps below to use the warehouse.

1. Interact with a “Warehouse Manager” and select “I’ll use the warehouse.”

2. Select “Personal Storage” or “Account Storage” from the menu on top.

▣ Storing items in the warehouse

1. Press [F] or click “View Inventory” from the bottom left of the Warehouse.

2. The items in your bag will be shown on the right.

3. Select the items from your bag to store in the warehouse.

▣ Retrieving items from the warehouse

1. Stored items are shown on the left when you access the warehouse.

2. Click on the stored item you want to retrieve. The item will then be transferred from the storage to your bag.

※ Tip

Material items can be used for crafting even while they are stored in the warehouse.

◼ Expanding the Warehouse

You can increase the number of slots in your warehouse with the “Storage Expansion Ticket” and “Account Storage Expansion Ticket”.

Storage expansion tickets can be purchased from the Lumena Shop or obtained as an event reward.

[Before and After Expansion]

Updated on July 21th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.