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- Introduction

- Dungeons

- Time Dungeon

- Dimensional Dungeon

◼ Introduction

Dungeons are divided into two types, Challenges and Dungeons, according to the play method.

Each dungeon has a character level and gear score requirement for entry.

   - Challenges :  A group of 2 (Arena) or 5 (Lair) players working together to defeat one boss in a closed circular arena.

   - Dungeons :  A group of 5 players working to defeat 3 bosses.

Play dungeons to obtain an even greater variety of rewards and progress your character faster. 

■ Dungeons

▣ Arena Challenges (2 Players)

List of Dungeons

- Holy Trial (Lv.5)

- The Emperor of Roots (Lv.7)

- Mercenary Remnos (Lv.10)

- The Gnoll Triumvirate (Lv.13)

- The Corrupted Creation (Lv.17)

▲ Holy Trial

▣ Lair Challenges (5 Players)

List of Dungeons

- Bloody Arena (Lv.19)

- Putrid Canyon (Lv.21)

- Crimson Waterfall (Lv.25)

- Den of the Wolf King (Lv.27)

- The Temple of Lies (Lv.32)

▲ Bloody Arena

▣ Dungeons (5 Players)

List of Dungeons

- Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen (Lv.15)

- Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood (Lv.23)

- Dreamscale Ruins - Sundered Sanctuary (Lv.28)

▲ Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen

■ Time Dungeon

Time Dungeons are dungeons that can only be accessed during a specific time period, with each Time Dungeon on its own schedule.
Players can experience diverse content in addition to what is offered through existing dungeons, and may even obtain Time Dungeon exclusive rewards upon completion.  

Time Dungeons are also a good method for high-level players to continue progressing their characters.

There are four types of Time Dungeons, each classified based on the play method and number of participants. The four types are Arena Challenges (2 players), Lair Challenges (5 players), Dungeons (5 players) and Abyssal Dungeons (5 players).

“Abyssal Dungeons”, the dungeons with the highest difficulty in Bless Unleashed PC, are also part of the Time Dungeon. 

Abyssal Dungeons are distinct in that the boss's patterns and skill effects are different.

* Time Dungeon Schedule

The list of available Time Dungeons is refreshed weekly.

Click the “Schedule” button located at the bottom of the Time Dungeon menu to view the schedule.

Both current and upcoming schedules are available. 

Time Dungeon Rewards

One of the following rewards will be obtained upon completing a Time Dungeon.

■ Dimensional Dungeon 

A Dimensional Dungeon is stronger than the other dungeons and consists of multiple phases.

Like Time Dungeons, Dimensional Dungeons can only be accessed during a specific time period, with each Dungeon on its own schedule.

The list of available Dimensional Dungeons is refreshed weekly.

Dimensional Dungeon Rewards

“Dimensional Stone” can be obtained from completing Dimensional Dungeons.

Using the Dimensional Stones, rare products can be purchased from “Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant”, a Golden Key Traders Member.

▲ Dimensional Stone

▲ Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant

▲ Products in Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant

Updated on November 29th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.