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There are various types of currency in Bless Unleashed PC, each with its own purpose.


- Gold

- Star Seed

- Artifact Core

- Artifact Shard

- Soul Crystal

- Victory Token

- Warrior's Talent

- Sentinel Credit

- Artisan Credit

- Court Credit

◼ Gold

A common currency issued by the Federation. It is widely used by traders and merchants throughout the southern continent. Gold is the basic currency of the world of Lumios.

▣ Uses

- Purchasing various items such as weapons, equipment, potions, and mounts.

- Equipment enhancement

- Using the Telepost

- Dyeing items

- Creating a Guild

▣ How to Acquire

- Defeat monsters

- Complete quests

- Sell items to merchants

◼ Star Seed

An ancient Elven currency that is highly valuable due to the magic each Star Seed contains.

▣ Uses

- Trading items on the Marketplace

- In major content

▣How to Acquire

- Sell items on the Marketplace

- Exchange Gold

◼ Artifact Core

A material occasionally found when dismantling rare equipment.

So valuable that most common folk have never even seen it before.

▣ Uses

- Enhancing Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic grade equipment

- Purchasing Repair Tools

▣ How to Acquire

- Salvage equipment

- In-game content

◼ Artifact Shard

A high-quality material often obtained when salvaging equipment.

It is essentially a meteor fragment infused with magic that was often used by ancient armorsmiths to augment their equipment.

Most of the artifacts crafted by the Old Empire employed this method.

▣ Uses

- Enhancing Uncommon, and Common grade equipment

- Purchasing an “Artifact Core Pouch”

▣ How to Acquire

- Salvage equipment

- In-game contents

◼ Soul Crystal

An essence sometimes obtained from powerful monsters.

Supposedly it can be used as currency somewhere, though exactly where remains unknown.

▣ Uses

- Purchasing items from the “Unique Token Merchant”

▣ How to Acquire

- Reward chests obtained by defeating Unique monsters

◼ Victory Token

A currency obtained from the battlefield.

▣ Uses

- Purchasing items from the “Battlefield Merchant”

▣ How to Acquire

- Participate in the Battlefield and Warlords Arena

◼ Warrior's Talent

The commemorative currency of the Old Empire.

It is said to be the legacy of an emperor who valued strength above all.

Perhaps that is why the currency sees widespread use in regions outside the Federation, where the rule of might dominates.

▣ Uses

- Purchasing items from the “Warrior's Talent Shop”

▣ How to Acquire

- Sealed Chests or Abyssal Chests obtained from Dungeons

- Prestige Quests

◼ Sentinel Credit

Symbolizes the principles, freedom, and faith of the Sentinels.

Although it proves one's membership in the Union, it is also slowly changing into a form of currency.

▣ Uses

- Acquiring Sentinel Union Traits

- Purchasing items from the “Sentinels Specialty Merchant”

▣ How to Acquire

- Sentinel Union quests

◼ Artisan Credit

A symbol of trustworthiness and evidence that one has traded with the powerful merchant group, the Artisans. Its worth is backed by the Artisans.

▣ Uses

- Acquiring Artisans' Society Union Traits

- Purchasing items from the “Artisan Specialty Merchant”

▣ How to Acquire

- Artisans' Society Union quests

◼ Court Credit

This form of credit was developed at the fugitive inn.

It is proof of having provided assistance, shelter and weapons to fellow fugitives and is used as a form of currency for trading and rewards.

▣ Uses

- Acquiring the Court of the Ravens Union Traits

- Purchasing items from the “Court of the Ravens Specialty Merchant”

▣ How to acquire

- Court of the Ravens Union quests

Updated on May 5th, 2021

※ This game guide was created based on content available in Bless Unleashed PC.
Some information may differ from in-game content for a certain period of time when there is an update.